Our Staff

Serah Kaiel

Directress, Head Teacher

Serah’s childhood education in Portland, Oregon occurred in Montessori schools where her mother was a teacher. Serah attended Portland State University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in International Studies. She also holds two Montessori certifications from North American Montessori Center in Early Childhood Education. One for children from Birth to 3 years, and another for children 3 to 6 years of age. She began teaching in Montessori playgroups and preschool classes in 2007 and has taught in small Montessori preschool cooperatives in Brooklyn for the past 10+ years.

Serah Kaiel, Directress: Founded Little Thinkers Montessori in 2012

Jocelyn Cruz, Assistant teacher, Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher

Jocelyn has a Bachelors in Music and has worked as a music instructor, Community Programs Manager and Preschool teacher in the Brooklyn community for many years. She is working towards her Montessori Certification, and currently enrolled in Yoga teacher training for Children’s Yoga. Jocelyn also provides Spanish instruction and curriculum and duplicates all Montessori curriculum in Spanish for the children enrolled in our school.

Zeynep Begtas, Assistant Teacher

Zeynep comes from Istanbul, Turkey and was a preschool teacher there for many years. She has experience in Arts Education instruction, Early Childhood Education, Furniture Design, as well as working as an assistant teacher and substitute in Montessori preschools. She is currently becoming Montessori trained and considering becoming Montessori certified.

Benjamin Rosenthal, Assistant Teacher, Music Teacher

Benjamin has worked in various Montessori schools in Brooklyn over the past 10 years. He is a Music Teacher for group classes as well as private lessons. He comes to us with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Music Instruction. He is also training to become a Certified Montessori Teacher.